Q. What is In A Cliq?

In A Cliq is an instant online recommend portal, which allows the user to sell their gadgets under a secure, fast, convenient and simple way.

Q. Which cities does In A Cliq operate in?

We currently buy devices from Delhi /NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Cochin, Chennai, Bangalore, Punjab, Ranchi, Patna.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of devices I can SELL at once?

No. There is no limit of devices you want to sale. If you would like to sell in bulk, you can email us at sell@inacliq.com for further information.

Q. How can I buy used device from In A Cliq?

You may buy our certified pre-owned products from our store page on www.inacliq.com

Q. Why buy a used phone from In A Cliq?

In A Cliq offers great deals on used iPhones and other smartphones. When you buy a used iPhone or smartphone from In A Cliq, it’s backed by a 6 Months of seller service warranty.

Q. Will there be any home pick up Charges?

No, you will not be charged for the home pickup service.

Q. What are the advantages of using In A Cliq?

It offers a free, instant online price quote for your product after you provide complete details of your product. If you accept the offer, the product needs to be verified by our trained engineers who will come to your doorstep for evaluating the offered amount which will be paid to you after inspection.

Q. How would I get paid for my product?

We have multi-payment options available to pay you as per your convenience like Cash, Wallets, NEFT etc.

Q. What happens if the item I wish to sell isn’t working at the time of pick up?

In case the item, which you’ve listed as working, is not working at the time of pick up, you will be offered an alternate option based on different product condition. You can sell your product for an alternate price quote. If your product doesn’t fall in any of those options, you have to re-evaluate your product either by our engineer or through our website.

Q. Is there any tracking system for home pick up?

Yes, you can get status update of your order by sending a request to track@inacliq.com

Q. Do I have to give away the charger of my mobile phone as well?

No, you can keep the charger if you wish to but that will affect the overall buyback price of your phone.

Q. I’ve lost the battery of my old mobile phones. Will you still buy it?

Of course, we’ll buy it from you. Though, it may lead to some reduction in your final cash amount, which you will receive from us.

Q. My mobile phone/device is not listed on the website?

We update our website all the time with new mobile phones/devices, so if it’s not listed, check back or email us at sell@inacliq.com and we’ll try and find you a price.

Q. Do I have to erase the contents in my device before sending?

It is recommended that you do that. However, in case you don’t, our technical team will erase your personal data on your behalf. Your SIM Card (if present) needs to be removed by you.

Q. How do you calculate the value of my product?

We have a dynamic pricing mechanism, which offers the updated estimated market value of the product at any given time.

Q. Do I need to show my ID Proof to sell my device?

Yes. This is a legal requirement as we need to verify the proof of ownership of each device we buy. This prevents trading of stolen goods and helps in keeping the stolen devices out of recycling system. We request you to keep your Aadhar Card (with additional residential & employment proof) ready for verification at the time of pickup. Do not worry about misuse of your personal ID as company authorized pickup executive/service partner will scan the ID and ID data will be directly uploaded on our secure server front of you after establishing your identity.

Q. What If I have a device but one or more of its accessories are missing or lost?

Please correctly answer the questions including the condition of device accessories which are asked at the time of placing order on our website. Offered quote price is calculated accordingly.